The three comets

Music: The best of Yiruma. Yiruma Greatest Hits. Best Piano

The retreat was over. Teresa, Israel, Nerea, Magda and I had gone for a walk near the sea even though the sky was threatening us with some light rain, so typical of the Basque country, “Xirimiri”, we call it, very soft but it penetrates very quickly and can leave you completely wet in a very short time.

That is a very good image for our retreat that week-end. We didn´t have a long time together but it seemed that all that we did and said and experienced together had had a big impact in everyone.

On our way back to the car our attention was drawn to a few people who were curious, looking at three comets doing a beautiful synchronized dance conducted by two men and a woman who were having a wonderful time dancing with them.

The movements were at the same time precise and very free. They were flying on their own and the next minute they would come together to “draw” a beautiful image of togetherness, complementation…They didn´t happen to be there as individuals but as a group.

What an inspiring image of community!!! How beautiful the individuality of each member, allowing the Spirit to guide the capacity to fly, to create, to feel free in the sky and in the immensity of the sea and, at the same time, the call to “come back” and build with others a harmonious structure.

Two plus one… this image of three that is love because it goes beyond the two looking at each other in ecstasy in order to create a new project.

How may we continue making a reality our feeling of this week-end together…not only as a group but as a community? Each one of us is a free-spirit person who dances and flies and creates but, how may we come back and create this “place of love” where other comets may come and feed themselves and dance with us?

We could have stayed there forever. We love beauty and harmony and freedom but we cannot just contemplate, we need to go down from mount Tabor to Galilee and live all this in the midst of quarrels and injustice pain and sorrow.

That´s why we need community: a constant reminder that the Gospel, the Good News is already in our midst and we need to make it real and concrete.

Good flight!!!

Carmen Notario

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