Earth Day

IMG_20190419_182118                             Picture taken in Castro, Spain

Today, April 22, we celebrate Earth Day. It is urgent to take positions that move us out of our comfort zone, because what is happening does not happen out there or far from us; the earth is one and we are part of it. Young people are asking why we leave them a very sick planet and we cannot wash our hands as if it had nothing to do with our decisions.

And with the energy renewed by the encounter with the Risen One today, and after numerous attempts, we invite you to participate in a project as a continuity and a commitment to Life.

We don´t mind the place, not even the country, but we want to respond in community, to the creation of a small center where to nourish a spirituality or a life style open and respectful with the whole:

a place of Shalom: reconciliation and Peace, where we may help to heal wounds and launch projects that unite us, welcoming the talents and abilities of each one

a place to discover Life, feel it and share it, from a simple offer of meetings, courses, retreats … that introduce us to that other layer of life a little deeper, where we are all equal.

a house to welcome the young ones, in search of their place, creating spaces for sharing and listening.

 -a place where respect for the planet and the person becomes real with time for deepening and time for reflection on what we have learned.

 -a place for community with the non-negotiable principles of collegiality, deep listening, unconditional love.

To do this, we look for a house, granted or rented, so that with local people on a daily basis, including schools, colleges…and with everyone who may be free on weekends, holidays, we may give shape to an interreligious community, such as it is the desire of the Spirit of the Risen One today.

If you know of a place or want to contribute with a donation, or with ideas, get in touch with us please.

Only since Holy Thursday, some 3000 people have participated in a simple offer of a Holy Week online. Imagine having a place to continue living that experience, as the first Christians, who in the origins of Christianity received the commission from the lips of the Risen One.

We don´t mind the place or the country. Only for you to know that right now we are between the Basque Country and Cantabria.


Easter hugs

20190422_113344-COLLAGE   Pictures taken in Castro, Spain April 2019

2 thoughts on “Earth Day

  1. SO exciting indeed is this, our blog…..
    how truly refreshing, inspiring, uplifting, inviting, challenging,
    and full of grace all these contributions are!
    SO EXCITED to be a part of this incredible journey together,
    in this time of Easter just begun…..


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