We are starting a series of posts to which we invite you all.

What’s the goal?

For us all to share about our own recent places of inspiration. Let´s say, places which we have known of in the last 15-10 years, which, for some reasons, have touched, changed and challenged our lives. This frame is simply trying to make it lively and not just a nostalgic remembrance, something like: “when I was a child…”

Do you like the idea?

We would like to mention about several places in the US which made possible for us the transition from one mindset to another. Places that have been like a hinge or revolving door: the last one enables you to visit where you are and where you are invited to look into, and back to where you are unless you decide to step into the new or rather step out of the moving revolving door.

I can’t help but think of Pentecost. Perhaps this could be a way of preparing for this year’s Pentecost, visiting with our hearts and memories those places that were little Pentecost’s for us. The complete links listed below.

The Monks of Weston Priory, Vermont:

The revolving door took us there many, many times. Their love, hospitality, simplicity and care for everything, including the Earth conquered our hearts. The way they prayed, sang, danced and celebrated the Eucharist made an impact which opened ways, even avenues in our minds. Still it does today.

Agape Community, Ware, Massachusetts:

They base themselves on Gandhi’s and other peacemaker’s philosophy on non-violence. The community was started by a married couple. They offer a peaceful ecological and challenging space. Their ministry has inspired ours in many ways, specially their physical space and their dedication to Young Adults.

Holy Wisdom Monastery, Madison, Wisconsin:

A Benedictine, ecumenical, non-canonical small group of women. Two pioneer nuns that have achieved the most beautiful goal of building a fascinating ecological monastery very close to a lake and surrounded by prairie and cornfields. Now more young women have joined them, and many oblates and volunteer people attracted by their ecumenical, inclusive liturgies and by their ministry to the Earth.

Our weeks there were filled of nature, community, excellent ecological meals, study and laughter with the young adult sojourners they welcome during the Summer time and which we joined…we are a little passed the young, but our spirits feel that way. We just had a great time with it all.

An Tairseach Organic Farm and Ecology Centre, Wicklow, Ireland:

Finally, we found a place extremely interesting, educating, profound, mind blowing, in Europe. Yes!!! Rooted in the Celtic Spirituality, some will say “yes, it had to be”, inspiring, challenging, thought provoking. We got generous scholarships to take there a ten week sabbatical. Thank you dear Dominican sisters . Again it is the generosity, hospitality, education, what makes a life changing project to inhabit in you forever. Something after which there is a before and after. The New Story opens doors, minds and hearts to live and love differently, more passionately, more in communion with All.

What did these places do to us?

They provided a frame, a hinge through which we wanted to go in order to grow, to become a bit more whole. Thanks to all of them we could cross the deserts that the changing mind finds, including our former community, to be able to find the new one.

This is not a physical center, it is a community of the 21st century. Our Pentecost!!! We’ll tell you more when, in another set of posts we’ll talk about important people in our lives.

We have a week still to prepare our minds for Pentecost. Get ready, let us listen to the whisper. Open, wide open our hearts and ears to the Ruah!!!

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