I invite you to sit back in your chair and breathe deeply several times. Close your eyes softly, as if you were about to kiss a baby sleeping…and gently enter into your beautiful self, and acknowledge the presence, the warmth, the need, the desire…all is part of us. And All is beautiful.

If you can spend a few minutes in the quiet, simply breathing and being. Only you and the beauty of life beating within you with energy and consciousness…everything is fine. Fear lessens its power over us when we become present to the present. Love emerges from within, softly inviting everything into being, like Ruah, Creator of beauty and passion, like Ruah companion in times of pain, of grief, of loneliness.

This gorgeous young man is listening and he likes what he hears. With yoghurt on his lips… he can’t help but enjoy the listening so much so that he presses the headphones against his ears, to hear better! I envy his fresh smile and gaze, he likes what he listens to; do I? Do we?  Perhaps we need to press our headphones against our heart; how is the music within there? Do I like its sound?

Listen quietly, just listen and breathe.

This coming Sunday the Christian Community celebrates the feast of the Trinity. In other words, a celebration that All is one; that God is one; that Love is one. We are One with all and everything: the dogs heart beating when sitting on my knees is one with all; the young man of the photo representing the future…his young heart happy… he is healthy, loved, full of possibilities, well to do…I listen to live in him, through him and is beautiful; it all is one with everything.

I also hear other sounds. The sound of hunger in the stomach of other babies, other young women and men without a bright well to do future. I hear the soft cry of hungry, poorer people that I know as a Christian woman and as a world’s citizen that they are One with me, with us…

I hear the sound of the wind at night and feel it in my bones, he is my brother. The wind blows and mixes our breaths in one. We are one with the wind, with each other’s breath. We know it, therefore, breath and listen through the breathing the heart of All, the heart of the One in all.

Quietly, contemplate what you are breathing in and out…we are All there with you. We love you, you love us. We are One.

Text and photos by:

Magda Bennásar Oliver



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