Casa Clemens Zacatecas, México


Several years ago the regional  A.C.T.S. retreat movement chose our Casa Clemens facility for their biannual retreats.  So many signed up and participated this past November that the group may need to hold more retreats in the future.

These retreats remind one of both the Cursillo movement of the past and of the Jornada retreats I’ve seen here in Mexico. The retreats are sponsored by a parish, sign up there and return there for the final Mass on day four.

Retreats begin with the team’s reflection on a Thursday, with the retreatants arriving in the evening. The retreat ends on Sunday, with Mass at the parish of Our Lady of Loreto in Loreto, Zacatecas, the sponsoring parish.  Many of the retreatants can be seen at the next retreat as part of the team. Some regions simply call the retreat “Hechos”, A.C.T.S., it’s Spanish meaning.  The letters in English are defined in Spanish as  Adoración, Comunidad, Teología, and Servicio.  One observes all of these qualities in the participants.  Attached are photos of the 104 women and the 96 men who participated.

Fran Smith, sfcc


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