Awareness of our earth´s reality


thomas-berryThomas Berry 

Do you feel challenged and moved towards more awareness of our Earth’s reality?


“…My own suggestion is that we need religious communities dedicated directly and fully to the Great Work of identifying and fostering the emerging Ecozoic Era in the geobiological story of planet Earth. At present the general tendency is to incorporate concern for the Earth with concern for peace and justice, thus coming up with the phrase: peace, justice and the integrity of creation. While such a phrase has its desirable aspects, it avoids the basic issue.

 It is a continuation of the difficulty that led to the problem in the first place, since Christians have consistently been concerned with divine-human and inter-human relations, with very little concern for human-Earth relations…

 We can expect a renewal of existing religious congregations and the rise of vigorous new congregations as soon as we recognize and dedicate ourselves to the Great Work before us, the renewal of the Earth as the presence of the Divine…”

“The Great Work”

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