Last year we offered a Holy Week online, and upon acceptance, about four thousand entries, we decided to repeat this year. We were also going to offer a “live” retreat.

And then it happens that we received an unwanted visitor. It seems that it has been installed in our country and in so many others. Given the situation, obviously, we will offer again, even with more affection, the Holy Week online, in Spanish and English and some texts in Catalan.

The method to follow it is simply to click on the links below.

At 6:00 in the morning, Central European Time, we will post two talks-reflections on the theme of the day. Why two? Many different people will enter these days: a general group of seekers, and another more specific group of people, with a committed profile, from the keys of the evangelical councils, for both lay and consecrated. We feel this way, so we have prepared it, in order that we all have a word addressed to our frightened heart, these days.

The themes are posted so that each person may enter when he/she can, and go back to it, if they wish. We do not post everything at once to avoid rapid consumption. Thus:

At 17:00 every day we will post a prayer service according to the liturgy of the day.

At 21:00 we will post an invitation to silence, connecting the liturgical moment with what we are living these days.

We offer it to you with great affection and dedication. We have been working on it for more than a month. If during the process you want to communicate, write, call … we will be online, connected, praying with everyone and open to accompany.

May these days be filled with the Ruah, Spirit of comfort and life.



3 thoughts on “HOLY WEEK ONLINE

  1. “The Righteous will be satisfied with wisdom” Thank you Sisters for your testimony and grace. If two sister can share so much only trhough a webpage, what are we waiting for to give all nuns full floor?


  2. Dear Sr. Carmen Notario and Sr. Magda Bennásar, thanks for this excellent example and E-Learning/teaching. Keeping up with the signs of the time.


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