Good Friday: evening prayer


silhouette-image-of-person-praying-1615776                   Photo by Rodolfo Clix in Pexels

Today, we begin our prayer without music. We are not going to provoke feelings, neither are we going to drive them away. The situation in which we still find ourselves today, due to the coronavirus affect us: we see so much pain for the death toll and by quick deaths, so much loneliness, makes us tune into the death of Jesus: nonsense, absolute loneliness …

Let´s spend a while, (about 20 minutes) practicing “centering prayer”, a prayer in which I open myself to God and acknowledge His presence. Through a word, that I will use as a mantra, only when I realize that my mind is wandering or that my feelings are distracting me, I will come back to my center again. The purpose of this prayer is to BE PRESENT AND TO ALLOW GOD TO WORK ON ME.


This prayer, that perhaps I have been practicing for a long time is the ideal one to let my unconscious reveal my “truth” to me.  Let´s allow our “shadow” to be visited by the light.


Today we will focus on LISTENING. We put the emphasis in this sense that connects us with the outside world and with the inside. With the outside we are almost always with the antennas ready, to capture the information which comes to us from outside.

These days, in the face of the world crisis that we are experiencing, many of us seem eager for news, insatiable for communication with everyone, off-centered FROM WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT.

Above all, this crisis is a halt, both personally and socially. We are faced with the death of many people, most of whom are old. People whom we as a society have separated, confined, silenced long before the coronavirus did…

And we are shocked and protest by these drastic measures in times of crisis because it is easier to point to others instead of asking ourselves and listening to what we hear inside of us.

We face the uncertainty of what our future and that of our families will be when we have to face budget cuts, layoffs … We are told these days that there will be a before and after this crisis. Real change will come if we are able to listen to ourselves from within and also the cry of the Earth that as a mother warns us that we cannot continue living as we were until now.

The silence that surrounds us can be a fruitful silence, in which we can rebuild ourselves, repair broken relationships, make us realize what is essential and what is superfluous trying to fill our emptiness.


Cristo crucificadoMUSSELMAN
Sculpture of Christ crucified by artist Rudy Rahme, located in the cedar forest above the Maronite Christian city of Bsherri on Mount Lebanon, Lebanon

We are not stewards of the natural world, we are not something that stands apart from it. We are a very small part of an amazing ecosystem. The earth is our home, but it is still a home of so many forms of life, that is so astonishing, intelligence that puts our arrogance to shame. We need to find better ways to live, ways that give respect to all life.

The tree as the symbol of life that is given to us as a present



Would you hew me to the heartwood cutter? Would you lay me low beneath your feet? Listen to my sap mutter

Hear my heartwood beat

Would you throw me on the log pile cutter? Would you toss me to the steel saw blade?

Listen to my leaves flutter

Hear my heartwood break

Would you lean your back against me cutter?

Would you rest your axe a while and sleep?

Listen to this song I utter.

Hear my heartwood weep

Hear my heartwood


Hear my heartwood

I drink the rain I eat the sun I gift the breath that fills your lungs I hear the roaring engine thrum

But I cannot run

Would you hew me to the heartwood cutter?

Would you lay me low beneath your feet?

Listen to my sap mutter Hear my heartwood beat

Hear my heartwood, Heartwood, Hear my heartwood

(The Lost Words, Spell Songs, Heartwood by Karine Polwart)


The tree calls me to listen to its deep lament.


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