Holy Saturday evening prayer


On this Saturday afternoon, when I feel loneliness, in which I do not see or feel your presence, I prepare myself to receive you, opening my whole being to your presence.




Holy Saturday: guided meditation

After a time of centering prayer, we realize that it is not easy. What matters, as it happens with faith, is to know that we cannot control what the Spirit is doing in us and in the world, when we connect in a conscious way and with an open heart.

Now, from this sacred interior space, we enter the garden, where the Christ, like everything that is about to sprout this spring, remains underground.

That land is sacred. Today it is a grave, but it is also a garden waiting for the dawn of Life. We know that the time in the grave has an end, like the pain we are suffering these days, we know it will end. Remaining is the question.

To do this, focus, if you can, on an object of nature which you have within sight. It can be a flower, a pot, a landscape if you are lucky enough to have one nearby. Something alive that transmits life to you. And look at it. Do not analyze it, breathe, and let the color, the simplicity, the humble beauty of what you see, enter in you.

When we think we distance ourselves from the object, and in an almost unconscious way, we get out of the great harmony of colors, smells and shapes, that everything living has. Even our own body has it, as part of that life.

Today we are asked to enter, in silence, in that life which contains what we now contemplate. If I know how to feel and see it with the eyes of my heart, it will be less difficult for me to experience, at dawn, the Life that comes out of the grave to stay in the garden, with everyone and everything, forming ONE.

May this silence in the nature of our hearts accompany us to remain with Mary of Nazareth and the disciples, waiting.

It will soon be dawn.


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