Holy Thursday: second meditation

    Some time ago, reflecting and praying with what we might call the synthesis of Jesus’ lifestyle or what constitutes the keys from where he experiences life, the desire bubbles-up within me as an interior invitation to develop with simplicity what comes together in my soul and in my body. How could I explain the keys to Jesus’ lifestyle? Tradition has done it by coining a term “evangelical counsels”. It does not sound trendy at all, but this Holy Week, delving into the richness and outcome of the life of Jesus to which we are invited and called by … Continue reading Holy Thursday: second meditation

I was away

I was away when some close family members: my close cousin Miguel, 22 years of age, an uncle in his 50s, and my very dear grandma, died. My best friend committed suicide at age 27 the same year.  I was young, also 27, and away from home, in Australia. In the midst of the pain and the sad nostalgic feeling I knew that those dear ones were surrounded by love, and by meaningful religious rituals which helped to channel the pain, the rage and even the despair.  I knew that tears were shed for them and I knew that, through … Continue reading I was away


Last year we offered a Holy Week online, and upon acceptance, about four thousand entries, we decided to repeat this year. We were also going to offer a “live” retreat. And then it happens that we received an unwanted visitor. It seems that it has been installed in our country and in so many others. Given the situation, obviously, we will offer again, even with more affection, the Holy Week online, in Spanish and English and some texts in Catalan. The method to follow it is simply to click on the links below. At 6:00 in the morning, Central European … Continue reading HOLY WEEK ONLINE