Los jóvenes y el cambio climático

Tomado del periódico El Diario                                                      24/04/2019 – 21:33h El discurso completo de Greta Thunberg ante el Parlamento británico: “Volveremos a clase cuando escuchéis a la ciencia” “Nuestro futuro se ha vendido para que un puñado de personas puedan ganar cantidades inimaginables de dinero. Nos han robado el futuro a la vez que nos decían que no había límite”, señaló la activista “La crisis climática es a la vez el conflicto más fácil y el más … Continue reading Los jóvenes y el cambio climático


1. Vanmorgen sprak ik een buurman en die liet mij weten dat hij gezondheidsproblemen heeft.(79) jaar. Elke dag in zijn moestuin aan het werk. Hij zegt “ik hoop nog lang te leven” , waarop ik antwoordde met “al een leven lang”.   “Zo kan je het ook zien”, zei hij, en glimlachte Hang aan het leven… Wat hangt er aan? Hangen we aan wat er aanhangt?(gevormd is); Is dat leven? ______________ This morning I spoke to a neighbor who informed me that he has health problems. (79) years. Working in his vegetable garden every day. He says “I hope to live … Continue reading Reflections

How numbers became people

The day I came back from the visit to the women’s concentration camp Ravensbrück in Germany  I made with my students from the teacher training College in Holland University, I started writing down my experiences. I was quite proud of what I had written. Beautiful descriptions of our first impressions when we entered the camp terrain. The first thing we saw was the grand villas of the SS-officers and the camp guards, right in the luscious forest. It is hard to imagine that this had been a place of so much horror and pain. I wrote down how impressed we … Continue reading How numbers became people

Your song projects

http://www.yoursongprojects.nl On January 16, 2009, Your Song Projects as a non-profit Foundation was established. The initiative taken in 2003 by Teresa Takken and her company Your Song Projects was converted into a non-profit foundation. A foundation that moves and empowers others with the music, ideas and work of Teresa Takken.  Op 16 januari 2009, is Stichting Your Song Projects opgericht. Het in 2003 genomen initiatief van Teresa Takken en haar bedrijf Your Song Projects is omgezet in een stichting. Een stichting die met de muziek, het gedachtengoed en het werk van Teresa Takken anderen beweegt en in hun kracht zet. Proceeds … Continue reading Your song projects


  All the Easter joy and resurrection stories…. The Time of Easter has just begun, and we see or hear everywhere, ‘well, now that Easter is over, we can get onto the next thing’. In our secularized cultures, which have been selling chocolate Easter eggs throughout the 40-day period of Lent, some people actually appeared amazed when I wish them a ‘Blessed Easter’. Amidst my own personal grief, many losses: Sudden, tragic, as well as from long illness…. Many dear ones facing operations, cancer or other therapies, seriously ill, near and afar….. I feel some sense of the disappointment of those … Continue reading THE ROAD TO EMAUS

The water lily

    “Putting God into the ravaged hearts of people,” Etty Hillesum would say.  Not above, but standing beside them, walking with them, comforting, releasing from fear, forming fellowship with them; Reading the Bible together, bear responsibility together. We, dear sisters, build forth the church meant by Jesus on a church from below–shoulder -on-shoulder in the society, supported by our dear friends all around us.  Perhaps not as a priest, –although some SFCCs have been ordained in the RC church as well as in Episcopal, Anglican and Old Catholic churches–we are working in the basic pastoral ministry of where we … Continue reading The water lily

                    Kraanvogelnieuwsbrief (nr. 78)                                                              van de 28-jarige Kraanvogel . . . Toekomst is niet wat gaat gebeuren, maar wat wij (niet) zullen doen.  (Mariakalender)   Geachte lezer(es), In deze lijdensweken voor Pasen is het lastig een nieuwsbrief te maken waarin ik meestal de wijsheid van Oost en West  ter sprake wil brengen. Wel is ‘lijden’ natuurlijk een thema voor ieder mens en elke … Continue reading