OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  “EL UNIVERSO SE ESTREMECE CON ASOMBRO EN LO PROFUNDO DE LA PERSONA” (B. Swimme) Esta frase de este autor californiano, amigo del gran maestro espiritual y científico T. Berry, de quien nos hemos estado nutriendo estos últimos tiempos, nos acompañó de fondo durante esa breve trayectoria en Ain Karim, Haro. Casa de retiros que nos acogió, como siempre con unos espacios abiertos a la naturaleza cuidada, mimada…y unas hermanas prolongación del amor que reciben, en su acogida, su servicio, el mimo en todo. Esa frase: El Universo se estremece con asombro en lo profundo de la … Continue reading Intimidad

Climate change is the most important life issue today

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER Sep 4, 2019 Environment Opinion 20190614T0952-0009-CNS-POPE-PETROLEUM-CLIMATE.jpg A glacier lagoon is seen in southern Iceland in July 2017. (CNS/Thomson Reuters Foundation/Thin Lei Win)   Sunday marked the start of the annual ecumenical “Season of Creation” observance, which lasts from Sept. 1 through Oct. 4, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. It is a time set aside for Christians to reflect on the state of creation through prayer and action. Introducing NCR’s Season of Creation Daily, a brief reflection for each of the Season’s 34 days. Sign up for emails here. It is also an opportunity to focus our attention … Continue reading Climate change is the most important life issue today

I will meet you there!

Linda Trytek, Chicago, Illinois, gave us permission to use this wonderful text of hers on our thisisexciting blog: “I celebrated my 21st birthday in Roma. I can blink my eyes and see myself again in that moment. Such a wonderful journey we are on—breathtakingly beautiful, and at times breathtakingly brutal. We live in societies that profit from our self-doubt… Yet when we can live from the center of our hearts, from the center of our souls, from that piece of us that is Divine, I think we can glimpse heaven in those moments. When we can unite with others in … Continue reading I will meet you there!