Good Friday: evening prayer

  Photo by Rodolfo Clix in Pexels Today, we begin our prayer without music. We are not going to provoke feelings, neither are we going to drive them away. The situation in which we still find ourselves today, due to the coronavirus affect us: we see so much pain for the death toll and by quick deaths, so much loneliness, makes us tune into the death of Jesus: nonsense, absolute loneliness … Let´s spend a while, (about 20 minutes) practicing “centering prayer”, a prayer in which I open myself to God and acknowledge His presence. Through a word, that I … Continue reading Good Friday: evening prayer

Unconditional love

  It was just before the Passover Festival. Jesus knew that the hour had come for him to leave this world and go to the Father. Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end. (Jn 13,1). This initial phrase introduces the whole Passion and Death of Jesus. Jesus´ time has arrived, and he comes to it consciously, not led by circumstances but   with all the consequences. HIS GOAL IS TO SHOW UNCONDITIONAL LOVE; that is the kind of love to which we aspire in our relationships with others, no matter their nature This unconditional love which … Continue reading Unconditional love

Passion for life

  The Passion of Jesus as “suffering” is described in the gospel in just a few chapters preceded by his passion for his Abba, for his people, for every human being and for life. Jesus is a passionate person who does not measure efforts, words, gestures, confrontations, weariness, to express with all his being the passion of his life: to return to each human being his/her deepest identity. Hierin Jesus invites each of us to acknowledge oneself as a child of God and what that entails. Why “return”? Because that identity is taken away from us many times in the … Continue reading Passion for life

Holy Thursday: Getsemaní prayer

We begin this prayer with Jesus and his request: stay with me and pray, do not fall sleep … do not let yourself be overcome by tiredness and fear. Do not leave me alone in this moment of profound loneliness. Tonight we join so many people alone in their homes, in hospitals, afraid of dying in the most tremendous loneliness, without family or friends to be able to touch them … We want to stay awake, so that we may not be overcome by the mediocrity of seeking our own comfort and the comfort of our own only.   We … Continue reading Holy Thursday: Getsemaní prayer

Holy Thursday: evening prayer

We begin this evening prayer with this song, that gives us the confidence that God´s love surpasses everything   This beautiful jug contains “your perfume”, which is the gift of your life; a gift for yourself and the gift that you are for others; tonight we are invited to share it. Jesus shares with us his body, his blood, his whole life … and invites us to share with everyone; to become ONE with the entire Cosmos. We invite you to pray with this Eucharistic prayer of the Cosmos, which opens us to our greatness and to our smallness, at … Continue reading Holy Thursday: evening prayer


Brief introduction: This is a time to recover the mystique of the senses; to step down to our heart and penetrate into the sacredness of everything. This is the thrust of meditation and reflection in a different way. This is an appropriate time to return home, within, rooted in what sustains us, tall and strong, without fear, confident of our identity, in touch with our hearth. We need it. The indigenous peoples teach us “the mystique of nature”. It is the type of mystique that guides our consciousness towards an attitude of reverence for the earth, for the Planet, and … Continue reading HOLY WEEK: FOLLOWING THE TRACE OF THE PERFUME: HOLY THURSDAY

Holy Thursday: second meditation

    Some time ago, reflecting and praying with what we might call the synthesis of Jesus’ lifestyle or what constitutes the keys from where he experiences life, the desire bubbles-up within me as an interior invitation to develop with simplicity what comes together in my soul and in my body. How could I explain the keys to Jesus’ lifestyle? Tradition has done it by coining a term “evangelical counsels”. It does not sound trendy at all, but this Holy Week, delving into the richness and outcome of the life of Jesus to which we are invited and called by … Continue reading Holy Thursday: second meditation

I was away

I was away when some close family members: my close cousin Miguel, 22 years of age, an uncle in his 50s, and my very dear grandma, died. My best friend committed suicide at age 27 the same year.  I was young, also 27, and away from home, in Australia. In the midst of the pain and the sad nostalgic feeling I knew that those dear ones were surrounded by love, and by meaningful religious rituals which helped to channel the pain, the rage and even the despair.  I knew that tears were shed for them and I knew that, through … Continue reading I was away


Last year we offered a Holy Week online, and upon acceptance, about four thousand entries, we decided to repeat this year. We were also going to offer a “live” retreat. And then it happens that we received an unwanted visitor. It seems that it has been installed in our country and in so many others. Given the situation, obviously, we will offer again, even with more affection, the Holy Week online, in Spanish and English and some texts in Catalan. The method to follow it is simply to click on the links below. At 6:00 in the morning, Central European … Continue reading HOLY WEEK ONLINE

Coronavirus: autodefensa de la propia Tierra

27/03/2020 La pandemia del coronavirus nos revela que el modo como habitamos la Casa Común es perniciosos para su naturaleza. La lección que nos transmite suena así: es imperativo reformatear nuestra forma de vivir en ella como planeta vivo. Ella nos avisando de que así como nos estamos comportando no podemos continuar. En caso contrario la propia Tierra se librará de nosotros, seres excesivamente agresivos y maléficos para el sistema-vida. En este momento, ante el hecho de estar en medio de una guerra global, es importante que seamos conscientes de nuestra relación hacia ella y de la responsabilidad que tenemos … Continue reading Coronavirus: autodefensa de la propia Tierra